Welcome and Thank You for Your Confidence in Our Ability to Serve You.

IT-Expert-CoordinatorYou’re about to define and order your ITaaS Conference / Webinar for IT Experts including Project Managers, Application Developers and Testers, Cloud Solution Architects, alike. Throughout the two-hour chat, we will provide you with the insights you expect and convert you to the Authentic ITaaS  thinking. Let’s say it straight, traditional IT thinking is incompatible with cloud computing; in today’s cloud era you need change your conversation from technology to business.

We will draw on our COURTNEY™ ITaaS COACHING FRAMEWORK FOR IT EXPERTS to bring you the key skills, knowledge, and additional expertise needed to design, implement, and deploy in a cost-effective and timely manner cloud services in line with the business critical needs.

COURTNEY Coaching Framework

In one to two hours we will explore all aspects of the ITaaS value stream and get insights into its fundamentals:

  • Understanding how the cloud has been changing the Competitive Environment and disrupting businesses’ structures and processes we help you understand the Business New Perspective and effectively contribute to implementing the ITaaS Strategy needed to address it.
  • Understanding the fundamental yet ignored and misunderstood ITaaS Delivery Model will help you design, implement, and deploy in cost-effective and timely manner cloud services in line with your business critical needs and not just implement vendor cloud solutions and project benefits that will never happen.

You want to know what the Business New Perspective is? What it meant by ITaaS Strategy? The whys and wherefores of the ITaaS Delivery Model? What is Enterprise DevOps?

Craft and Order Your ITaaS Conference / Webinar Now, Fill Out COURTNEY™ CONFERENCE / WEBINAR AGENDA QUESTIONNAIRE. We’ll immediately get back to you to discuss and start the next steps. 



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