What We Do

We help IT executives, Enterprise Architects, and other IT Practionners understand the whys and wherefores of the new style of IT,  the one referred to as IT-as-a-Service  (ITaaS). We help them shift their concerns from exclusive technology concerns to perspectives that embrace issues that are strategic and differentiating to support businesses’ strategies and objectives.

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Why We Do It

The concept of Cloud Computing and its related notion of ITaaS are massively abused and increasingly confused with the cloud solutions of the major vendor brands.

Such perspective is simplistic, false, and keeps businesses away from the promised benefits of cloud; many IT leaders (CIOs / CTOs alike) seem to get washed in the moment of vendors promising the moon with cloud services when in reality they have bought a parlor trick. In the end, they are still left with the organization’s cost issues and challenges they had before.

The reality on the ground is, the whys and wherefores of the ITaaS paradigm are misunderstood by the vast majority of IT leaders; misled by the massive marketing hypes surrounding cloud they wrongly convinced themselves that cloud software and infrastructure by themselves will bring cost savings, speed-to-market and organizational agility.

Our observations and lessons learned from implementing ITaaS Delivery Models contradict most of the far-fetched cloud vendor surveys and white papers. We have for example observed the following:

We found that it is True that Cloud Has a Fantastic 100% Impact on Costs

It is true that Cloud Computing whatever solutions through Virtualization, Auto-Scaling, and Resource Pooling have an outstanding impact on costs.

We found that it is False to Pretend that Cloud Accelerate the Delivery of Critical Business Needs. In reality It Contributes to Only Up to 30% of the Overall Speed-to-Market

As to the accelerated delivery of critical business priorities, cloud solutions by themselves aren’t sufficient. On the 11 processes that make up Application Development, Virtualization, Automation, Auto-Scaling, and Resources Pooling has a direct impact on only 3 processes including server provisioning,  server configuration, and application deployment or only 30% of the overall processes.

Our point is the criticality of business needs aren’t evaluated via Virtualization, Auto-Scaling, Resource Pooling, Automation, and Metered Billing; they are evaluated through Strategic Planning and Business Changes Prioritization mechanisms owned by the business.

We found that IT Agility Makes Sense When it Has a Direct and Significant Impact On The Delivery of Critical Business Needs

Agility for the sake of agility does not make sense. What matters is gaining IT agility to deliver changes that bring in business benefits. As mentioned before, cloud’s Virtualization, Automation, Auto-Scaling, and Resources Pooling has a direct impact on only 3 processes including server provisioning,  server configuration, and application deployment or only 30% of the overall processes. How about the other Application Development processes?

IT agility has to do with how well the flexibility of your IT people, processes, organizational configuration, governance mechanisms and tools facilitate and accelerate the workflows within your IT organization to enable expected business benefits.

 We found that The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ is The Foundation of the Cloud Computing Benefits

Only a shared, Lean and Agile Platforms involving the business and IT can help accelerate the delivery of critical business needs and increase IT agility. Our point is, combining vendor cloud solutions with a lean and agile platform supporting applications development is the unique approach to achieving the cloud promises.

The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™  provides the complete model to achieve the expected cloud cost savings, accelerated IT processes, and IT agility:


It is composed of 3 fundamental components:

  • The IT Operating Model which represents system of people, processes, work flows, best practices, governance capability and tools specifically thought to deliver critical business needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • The Services Catalog that represents the set of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services specifically designed to support both business and IT users across the company.
  • The Virtual Computing Capacity (VCC) which actually represents the cloud solutions and the underlying Data Center infrastructure.

To Know More About the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ Contact Us  Now @ITaaS Transformation Department or Call us at +1 (646) 688 2228

How We Do It

We draw on our COURTNEY™ ITaaS COACHING FRAMEWORK to help IT executives and practionners adjust their vision, thoughts and practices to the ITaaS Delivery Model.

COURTNEY Coaching Framework

Through 3 two-hour sessions, participants’ knowledge, understanding and skills of the key drivers to the ITaaS benefits are evaluated and adjusted. They include:

  • Competitive Environment brought about by cloud computing
  • Business New Perspective that results from the emergence of cloud computing
  • New approaches to developing ITaaS Strategies supporting the delivery of business needs
  • The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ as the organizational foundation of the ITaaS paradigms
  • Management of the performance of ITaaS Delivery Models

Contact Us Now @ITaaS Transformation Department or Call us at +1 (646) 688 2228


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