Amazon Web Services (AWS) MIGRATION

datacenter-fillingout-req-formWelcome and Thank You for Your Confidence in Our Ability to Serve You.

You’re about to start your AWS migration or transformation project. This process, built upon our COURTNEY™ framework, will take you through a five-phase journey:


  1. Understanding of your business drivers
  2. Implementation of a state-of-the art Proof-of-Concept
  3. Pilot Project Set Up
  4. Industrializaton of the Proof-of-Concept
  5. Deployment of the Organizational Changes

– Please, answer as accurately as possible the following questions. In the next 7-10 business days following receipt of your answers we will present and share your COURTNEY™ Cloud Strategy Package which will include:

  • Your complete Cloud Migration Roadmap
  • Your Cloud Migration Project’s Business Case
  • 1-3 Cloud Platform Architecture Scenarios
  • Your Cloud Migration Project’s Team and Governance Structures
  • Your Cloud Migration Project’s Provisional Schedule and budget 




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