Philippe Abdoulaye, PMPragmatic Consulting Managing Director

I always find value in your consulting work and articles. Keep up the good work. Thank you for what you’re doing.
Victor M.
CIO AOD Federal Credit Union
Bynum, AL, United States

Philippe A. Abdoulaye is a thought leader and the leading expert in IT Transformation in the areas of Cloud Computing, IT Transformation Management, and IT Operating Model, with an impressive record helping businesses extract tangible value from their cloud infrastructures in industries as varied as consumer services, telecommunication, and financial services. Examples of his best accomplishments are the following:

  • For a leading firm in consumer services industry he orchestrated the migration of a global data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the transformation of the firm’s IT operating model to DevOps . Gains included $15M savings in CAPEX and OPEX, speed-to-market accelerated by 3 months and organizational agility
  • For a global telecommunication firm, he directed the end-to-end implementation of a private cloud infrastructure built on VMware vSphere and vCloud Automation Center. Benefits included substantial $10M CAPEX avoided, overal speed-to-market reduced to 1 month , and IT organizational agility

He has a Master in Computer Science from ESI SUPINFO Paris, France, has served global consulting firms such as Cognizant and Accenture, has advised businesses as prestigious as Ralph Lauren Polo, Credit Suisse, American Express and hedge fund Coatue Management on Cloud Migration strategy and the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company to ITaaS implementation approach.

He is the author of the best selling “Cloud Computing: Advanced Business and IT Strategies to Extract Tangible Value from the Cloud (Check the 5 stars reviews at Amazon)” and has written over 20 articles cited and praised by international online medias including the famous business technology news website published by CBS Interactive ZDNet (Take a quick look at what they said) and Coach Agile (Take a quick look at what they said) and has been featured in Spark, PwC’s social media and collaboration platform.

Philippe is establishing Courtney ITaaS™ and the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™, comprehensive ITaaS transformation frameworks he developed as the alternative standard to today’s cloud implementation approaches.

The major players of the cloud industry pretend that cloud solutions and infrastructure by themselves will bring businesses cost savings, accelerated processes and organizational agility. This is simply false and misleading. What’s needed is the double transformation of businesses’ IT infrastructure and IT operating models.”
Philippe A. Abdoulaye
PMPragmatic Consulting, Founder & Managing Director
New York, NY

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