How I Deliver AWS-based ITaaS Capabilities: The Magic of The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™

lulu_buy_now_buttonThe Complete ITaaS Delivery Model: The Art of Integrating AWS, DevOps, and ITIL Into ITaaS Delivery Models

Who said technology change was the primary determinant of successful cloud migrations? It is wrong. What’s the meaning of a technology marvel, a technical prodigy that returns nothing business-wise?
I learned from my long experience leading IT transformation projects using the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model that the business benefits of any Amazon Web Services (AWS) Platform are consolidated in these 4 Key words: PlanDesign, Facilitate and Communicate.

What I Will Deliver? Certainly Not A Technology Marvel that Triggers Chuckles on The Business Side But The Innovative Business Platform That Boots Lines of Business Revenue 

What you’ll get is a comprehensive AWS-based ITaaS Delivery Capability that will cut your IT cost by at least 50%, reduce your overall application delivery lead time by at least 50%, and increase the rate of deployed applications or changes in application by at least 50 %:

AWS-based ITaaS Delivery Model
AWS-based ITaaS Delivery Model

The AWS-based ITaaS Delivery Capability is an integrated platform of people, processes, best practices and IT services structured around 3 components:

  • The AWS-based Cloud Platform
  • The Cloud Services
  • The IT Operating Model

The AWS-based Cloud Platform it relies on a variety of AWS services e.g., VPC, EC2, and ELB to provide a secure reliable, secure and scalable environments to host the migrated applications and operate the AWS platform. It guarantees costs savings and simplification and acceleration of the resource provisioning processes.

The Cloud Services build on IT Service Management (ITSM) best pracitces to provide stakeholders with authentic IT services including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. It simplifies and makes effective the interactions between the business and IT and within IT.

The IT Operating Model takes advantage of DevOps to establish a governance structure, clarifies the roles and responsibilities, the key processes to focus on as well as the Continuous Delivery Pipeline infrastructure. It accelerates applications delivery and establish a lean and agile IT organization.

How Will I Go About It? Simple, Courtney ITaaS™ An Agile ITaaS Transformation Framework That Takes Into Account The IT Operating Model, The Cloud Services and The AWS Platform

Given the complexity and the risks of such project, no room for improvisation,  I will take advantage of the Courtney ITaaS framework to build your transformation project team, plan the overall effort, and facilitate and orchestrate the end-to-end delivery of your ITaaS Delivery Capability.

Courtney ITaaS™ Transformation Framework
Courtney ITaaS™ Framework

Acting as the ITaaS Tranformation Leader across the transformation journey, I will lead through series of workshops, a team of Cloud Solution Architects, Application Developers, Security Experts, System and Database Administrators to:

  • Capture and understand your existing infrastructure, leverage the securiy and reliability standards to translate it into the corresponding AWS-based infrastructure and then migrate your applications
  • Identify the use cases of your future ITaaS Delivery Capability, convert them and implement them into the appropriate SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services
  • Capture and understand the principles, people, processes, best practices, and tools of your existing IT operating model and appropriately convert them into a lean and agile DevOps environment

How I Work With Client Organizations? How I Work With Consulting Firms and IT Providers?

If you’re a client organization e.g., JP Morgan Chase and Staple Inc,  we will work together on a 1099 basis.  The consulting regular policies apply.

If you’re a consulting company and an IT provider engaged with a client, we will work together either on a W-2 or 1099 basis. The consulting regular policies apply.

To Discuss Your Cloud Project Call Now 646 688 2228


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