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onlinemeetingThis innovative online ITaaS Transformation workshop, designed and led by Philippe A. Abdoulaye originator of the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™, takes participants into a step-by-step authentic ITaaS transformation journey.
Transcending the usual solution and infrastructure technical implementations and aggregating business and IT people, processes, practices, solutions and infrastructure into a common and shared business environment, the  Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ represents the lean and agile platform business lines within mid to large-size corportations have been insistently calling for to address their competitive challenges.


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CIOs and IT executives will get the key insights and practical information that will make them pivotal to their organization’s transition to ITaaS and give them the right to sit at the business table.
They will discover how to use ITaaS strategically to get their IT organization focused on business priorities and ensure their delivery in a cost-effective and timely manner. In this workshop, they’ll explore the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ and learn how to take advantage of it to develop accurate visions of ITaaS Delivery capabilities that guarantee tangible cost savings, cross-functional collaboration, organizational agility, and accelerated speed-to-market.

Enterprise architects, Cloud solution architects and experts will learn how to use the Courtney ITaaS™ (short of Cloud Transformation Methodology) framework to drive the end-to-end implementation of Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™.
They’ll explore ignored facets of DevOps, cloud services, and IT transformation that’ll make them pivotal to their organization’s transformation to ITaaS.


In three days, this workshop focuses on how business lines and IT departments within mid to large-size corporations can collaborate to implement Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ in ways that guarantee the cross-functional collaboration, organizational agility and accelerated speed-to-market needed to responsively tackle unpredicted and unpredictable market opportunities.

  • Day #1 – Discussion around the notion of ITaaS as a business growth driver,  presentation of the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™, and case studies
  • Day #2 – Discussion around today’s Cloud and ITaaS transformation approaches, presentation of the Courtney ITaaS™ framework, and case studies
  • Day #3 – Discussion around the Weight Loss & Diet (WL&D) Inc. case and step-by-step WL&D migration to the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™


This three-day workshop is designed for business and IT executives engaged in Cloud  and ITaaS transformations or willing to know more about how to leverage ITaaS capabilities as the drivers of their business growth.

It also specifically designed and strongly recommended to enterprise architects, cloud solution architects, and consultants who are interested in developing business-oriented DevOps, Cloud Services and Cloud architecture qualifications.

Philippe Abdoulaye, Managing DirectorThis workshop was thought and developed by and will be taught by Philippe A. Abdoulaye, the originator of the Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ and the Courtney ITaaS™ framework.

One of the most-cited bloggers and authors in Cloud Computing, Philippe Abdoulaye has authored 2 books and has written several articles around cloud computing and ITaaS.

He has a Master in Computer Science from ESI SUPINFO Paris, France, has served global consulting firms such as Cognizant and Accenture, has advised businesses as prestigious as Ralph Lauren Polo, Credit Suisse, American Express and hedge fund Coatue Management on Cloud Migration strategy and the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company to ITaaS implementation approach.


Please submit your application with your preferred dates for september at least one week before the workshop in at Workshop Subscription and we will get back to you or call 646-688-2228. Since places are limited, early applications are encouraged.

The promotional fee is $300 per session per participant:

  • $300 for one session and per participant
  • $600 for two of the three sessions and per participant
  • $900 for the three sessions and per per participant



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