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In a memorable post, 17,000+ readers, Why the Business Perspective of Cloud Computing is urgently Needed, Philippe Abdoulaye alerted CIOs about the competitive issues raised by the Cloud as well as the transformational impacts on the business operating model, particularly on the role of the IT department. Now, in Cloud Computing: Advanced Business and IT Strategies to Extract Tangible Value, he provides CIOs with the perspective, approach, and tools they need to strategically drive the business transition to cloud and gain the right to seat at the business table.

In this eagerly awaited resource, Philippe offers strategic and practical guidance on the do’s and don’ts of cloud transition. Based on his 24-year IT transformation experience with the world’s leading companies, business briefs, and case studies this book makes available to CIOs and in general to IT departments the integrated Cloud Computing Transition Methodology (iCCTM), a comprehensive set of innovative concepts, techniques, methodologies, and tools leveraged by seasoned IT strategy and transformation experts. The issues addressed include:

  • How to define a state-of-the-art cloud strategy
  • How to leverage the integrated Cloud-Oriented Operating (iCLOOP) model to transform the IT department into an integrated Innovation Management (iIMF) function
  • How to identify the impacts of the cloud consumer-delivery model on the organization’s operating model, particularly on the IT department
  • Approach to identify and specify desired services along with the organization’s cloud service catalog
  • Engineering of the cloud SaaS and IaaS service including and detailed description of the engineering methodologies SaaS Service Delivery Cube and IaaS Service Delivery Cube
  • How to deploy organizational changes

The book is for everyone who thinks that there is an alternative to today’s techno-centric approach to cloud and in general to IT contribution to value. Philippe write: “CIOs fail to deliver expected value because they locked themselves in the role of application, software and infrastructure providers. They must get back to the fundamentals of value: Competitiveness and Innovation.”

Get Insights into the IaaS Service Delivery Cube …

The IaaS Service Delivery Cube is an agile engineering approach to data center transformation for cloud developed in the book. It is part of the iCCTM framework and builds on the belief that the cloud data center will be in the near future an essential corporate asset that will significantly contribute to the delivery of superior user and customer experiences. Therefore, it is a critical asset for the business competitiveness. It offers powerful agile mechanisms to accelerate the design and implementation in line with business expectations.

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  1. Boris Hardouin-Deleuze March 8, 2014 / 11:20 am

    Hi Philippe, I read a few posts and I’m really impressed by your insights into the problems and by the ideas in your framework and methodology.
    Are you planning to release your book electronically? to you have an ETA?


    • pmpragmatic March 8, 2014 / 1:48 pm

      Boris, thanks for your interest I appreciate. The eBook Edition of the book will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu Marketplace next week starting March 10, 2014 between Tuesday and Friday.


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